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Are you Pagan ?
May the Earth sustain you.

Are you Wicca ?
May the Goddess protect you.

Are you Druid ?
Be at peace in your Groves

Are you Shaman ?
May the Spirits guide you

Are you Christian ?
May the love of Jesus transform you

Are you Muslim ?
May Allah be praised

Are you Hindu ?
May you be at One with the Universe

And if you are none of these things


We priests must live in two worlds:

The World of Form and the Otherworld of Force,

for true existence involves the constant intercourse of both

Let our goal therefore be

To live and thrive between Form and Force -

Being in the world but not of it

St Corneille "The Yellow Book of Ferns"

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Welcome to our new ONE VISION site

When Jan and I first came together in 1994, we both had the idea of founding a community of like-minded people. But property costs money, and at that time we had precious little.

Jan had founded a small spiritual group in Hampshire, and whilst preparing to give a talk, I happened to look up the word "community" in the dictionary. I was surprised by what I read.

"A group of people bound together by a common ideal or purpose". No mention of bricks and mortar anywhere !

And so the idea of a virtual community was born. We realised that physical location was unimportant providing that strong communication links were established. But what would that common ideal or purpose be ??

Paradoxically there were actually two visions :

A world in which everyone does their best, at what they love doing most, for the benefit of all, with no thought of reward, other than the sheer joy of giving.

A world in which everyone is free to explore, discover and express their own unique spirituality, in an atmosphere of unconditional love and total acceptance.

Ideas are magnetic, and attract like energy to them. In Conversations With God II we read :-

"Your world, and the condition it is in, is a reflection of the total, combined consciousness of everyone living there ……

Group consciousness is something that is not widely understood - yet it is extremely powerful and can, if you are not careful, often overcome individual consciousness. You must always, therefore, endeavour to create group consciousness wherever you go, and with whatever you do, if you wish your larger life experience on the planet to be harmonious.

If you are in a group whose consciousness does not reflect your own , and you are unable at this time to effectively alter the group consciousness, it is wise to leave the group, or the group could lead you. It will go where it wants to go, regardless of where you want to go.

If you cannot find a group whose consciousness matches your own, be the source of one. Others of like consciousness will be drawn to you."

Can we as individuals influence that change ? I believe that we can. In fact I believe that we cannot avoid being part of that change. Just by being here we cannot help but play our part. What we can do is choose what influence we have.

Einstein wrote that we cannot solve the problems of the world whilst we remain at the level of consciousness we were at when we created them.

This website has been created for just two people – me and you …

Me, because I need to bring together all the ideas that have been shared with me over the past 20 years, and so that I can start working on the only person I can change, as Michael Jackson wrote, the man in the mirror.

You, because I believe that your arrival here was no accident. Maybe you will find a clue or two that will help you on your journey, or perhaps you might have some ideas to share with me that will help me on mine.

This looks set to be an interesting ride. Maybe we could take that ride together for a while ?

Jan Pendragon

This website is dedicated to the memory of Jan Pendragon who left "The World of Form" on July 4th 2013

For nineteen years she was my wife and lover, friend and companion, but above all a great teacher and an inspiration to all those whose lives she touched. Though we no longer walk the visible World of Form together, we are together always in the invisible World of Force.

Jan and I founded and ran the original One Vision Virtual Community from 1999 - 2004. During this time Jan received a series of communications which she called her Letters From God.

In October 2012 we decided that we would relaunch One Vision together, but unfortunately her health deteriorated rapidly, and this was not possible. Now we can continue - for as long as I can continue "Walking Between The Worlds"

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Welcome to ONE VISION